GARDA MECCANICA specializes in the production mechanisms for safe passages, bodies for diamond tools for the building industry stone, ceramic and glass components for go-karts and accessories for the kitchen / appliances. Since 2011, we introduced a line of design and development of steel components and accessories for the furnishing of interiors and exteriors.   

Thanks to our collaboration with our customers, some of them multinationals, we can claim to be distinguished in various fields.

Our company consists of a building of 1000 square meters dedicated to production, with various departments of lathes, machining centers, welding, grinding, assembly hall with an attached department of production metrology and tubes for the passage of gas. Externally there are as many meters for the storage of the raw material.

Key customers

Adi S.p.A. Ceramic/Stone/Glass/Building sector
Cuts Diamant S.r.l. Stone/Building sector
Diewe Diamantwerkzeuge Gmbh Stone/Building sector
Foster/Bautek S.p.A. Kitchens
Franke S.p.A. Kitchens
Gunnebo Entrance Control S.p.A. Security gates
Husqvarna Construction Products S.p.A. Stone/Building sector
Italdiamant S.p.A. Ceramic/Stone/Building sector
Righetti & Ridolfi S.p.A. Go-Kart
Sifa S.p.A. Ceramic/Stone/Glass/Building sector
Sinko S.r.l. Sports facilities/Building sector
Sorma S.p.A. Ceramic/Stone/Glass/Building sector
Tenax S.p.A. Ceramic/Stone/Building sector
Tyrolit Vincent S.p.A. Ceramic/Stone/Glass/Building sector
Workdiamond S.r.l. Stone/Building sector